Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Comment in Context

President Joe Biden and others criticized former President Donald Trump for his comment during a speech in Ohio on Saturday. Biden said on X that Trump wanted another January 6-type event. Biden’s X account posted the following regarding the remark made by Trump: “It’s clear this guy wants another January 6. But the American people […]


Ukraine, Economy, Border, Guns, January 6th, and More in Biden State of the Union Speech

President Joe Biden delivered his final State of the Union speech before the next presidential election in November. During his speech, Biden discussed Ukraine, the economy, the southern border, firearms regulations, Israel, Gaza, and other issues. He also debated hecklers and Republican congressmen who voiced their disapproval of some of his statements. Senator Katie Britt […]

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Biden Pushes Mexico to Help with Illegal Border Crossings

President Joe Biden is pushing for Mexico to slow the amount of illegal border crossings into the United States. According to data obtained by CBS news, approximately 300,000 individuals are expected to have crossed the border illegally in December 2023 alone. The total estimated number of illegal immigrants that came into the United States in […]