Congress Makes Deal to Avoid Shutdown

House and Senate leaders have agreed on a Continuing Resolution that will cover government spending for a short period of time, which will keep the government from shutting down according to NBC News.

The original deadlines for funding were covered until January 19 for some departments and February 2 for others. The new deadlines are now March 1 and March 8.

Details of the deal are expected to be released on Sunday evening by House Republicans.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrat – New York) posted on X that he had taken the first step to putting the CR forward. He said:

“I just took the first step on the Senate floor to pass a temporary extension of government funding so that the government does not begin to shut down on 1/19 and put at risk programs millions rely on. This will allow us to continue working to finish the appropriations process.”


Debate over government funding continues as Republicans in both chambers push for border security to be a part of any deal with Democrats. The White House, in the meantime, is proposing a funding bill that would help with the southern border, in exchange for more funding for the wars in Ukraine and Israel.

Senate Republicans have already rejected the White House plan, and Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) says most of the border funding is for dealing with border arrivals, not measures that would deter illegal immigration.

Details on the CR will be posted in this article once they are released.

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