Republicans React to Donald Trump Trial and Felony Convictions

This article contains Republican reactions (for Democrat reactions, click here, or Trump’s initial reaction, click here) to former President Donald Trump’s felony convictions after a Manhattan, New York jury found him guilty last week.

It was the first time in United States history that a former president was convicted of a crime. In the aftermath of the conviction, the Trump campaign said it raised approximately $54 million in 24 hours.

Here are reactions by some Republicans to the conviction:

Former Vice President Mike Pence:

“The conviction of former President Trump on politically motivated charges is an outrage and disservice to the nation.

No one is above the law, but our courts must not become a tool to be used against political opponents.

To millions of Americans, this was nothing more than a political prosecution driven by a Manhattan DA who ran for office on a pledge to indict the former president and this conviction undermines confidence in our system of justice.” 

Speaker Mike Johnson (LA-4):

“The Democrats will stop at nothing to silence dissent. They’ve jeopardized our justice system to stop President Trump. This is wrong and incredibly dangerous.”


Johnson has called the trial a “sham” and praised Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (OH) for demanding that the prosecutor in the case, Alvin Bragg, testify before Congress.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (KY):

“These charges never should have been brought in the first place. I expect the conviction to be overturned on appeal.”

Senator Ted Cruz (TX):

“This is a dark day for America.

This entire trial has been a sham, and it is nothing more than political persecution. The only reason they prosecuted Donald Trump is because Democrats are terrified that he will win reelection.

This disgraceful decision is legally baseless and should be overturned promptly on appeal. Any judge with a modicum of integrity would recognize that this entire trial has been utterly fraudulent.”

Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy:

“I was on my flight to Italy when the Trump verdict came down. I’m ashamed that people here are asking me what the hell is going on in my own country. Now we’re the banana republic & the rest of the world is laughing.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

“Today’s verdict represents the culmination of a legal process that has been bent to the political will of the actors involved: a leftist prosecutor, a partisan judge and a jury reflective of one of the most liberal enclaves in America—all in an effort to “get” Donald Trump.

That this case—involving alleged misdemeanor business records violations from nearly a decade ago—was even brought is a testament to the political debasement of the justice system in places like New York City. This is especially true considering this same district attorney routinely excuses criminal conduct in a way that has endangered law-abiding citizens in his jurisdiction.

It is often said that no one is above the law, but it is also true that no one is below the law. If the defendant were not Donald Trump, this case would never have been brought, the judge would have never issued similar rulings, and the jury would have never returned a guilty verdict.

In America, the rule of law should be applied in a dispassionate, even-handed manner, not become captive to the political agenda of some kangaroo court.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan:

“Regardless of the result, I urge all Americans to respect the verdict and the legal process. At this dangerously divided moment in our history, all leaders—regardless of party—must not pour fuel on the fire with more toxic partisanship. We must reaffirm what has made this nation great: the rule of law.”

Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK):

“Yesterday, a New York jury found former president Trump guilty of falsifying business records. This is the first step in the legal process. The former president has the right to appeal and I fully expect him to exercise that right.

It is a shame that this election has focused on personalities and legal problems rather than a debate about policies that would lift up Americans. These distractions have given the Biden campaign a free pass as the focus has shifted from Biden’s indefensible record and the damage his policies have done to Alaska and our nation’s economy, to Trump’s legal drama. A Republican nominee without this baggage would have a clear path to victory.”


If you are a Republican, what are your thoughts on the Trump conviction?

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One reply on “Republicans React to Donald Trump Trial and Felony Convictions”

The FEC and DoJ looked at Trump’s legal status in regards to this issue and found no merit in pursuing it. It’s a story of a lawyer (Cohen) making a deal with a stripper (Daniels) that wrote a letter that anyone can now read online, that says that the incident never happened…for being paid thousands of dollars. Cohen said he “had nothing on Donald Trump”….but Alvin Bragg (prosecutor) decided to indict and try President Trump with a bookkeeping error that he distorted into a crime, much like Lateitia James did with the bogus property value case in New York. They claim that it is election interference to try and keep “bad news” about yourself out of the media. Well, so Trump should be able to sue EVERY former and active intelligence official that claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop didn’t exist, along with every news media organization that promoted that lie (without investigating) for Gazillions of dollars, on the same logic.

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