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Biden Calls for National Red Flag Law, Ban on ‘Assault Weapons,’ and Universal Background Checks

President Joe Biden called for a “national red flag law,” “universal background checks,” and an “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazine” ban on X yesterday.

Biden also said he passed the biggest “gun safety reform” in thirty years. His post said, in full,

“I signed into law the most significant gun safety reform in nearly three decades. But Congress must do more. We need universal background checks, a national red flag law, and we must ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”


Biden’s “gun safety reform” refers to S. 2938, introduced in 2021 and signed into law in 2022, known more commonly as the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

The House had passed the bill with all Democrats and 14 Republicans voting for it. The Senate voted 65 to 33 in favor of the measure, with 15 Republicans joining all Democrats.

S. 2938 established a fund to help states pass red flag laws, expanded background checks on those between the ages of 18 and 20, increased spending on school mental health programs, and targeted those convicted of domestic violence with a five-year firearm ban.

Gun Owners of America criticized the bill at the time of its passage. Last year, the group said that the bill was being used to confiscate firearms from law-abiding Americans. Aiden Johnston, the federal affairs director with the GOA, told Fox News,

“We’ve been closely following this grant program since the passage of Senator Cornyn’s gun control last summer, and it’s turned out to be worse than we feared. Despite assurances this money wouldn’t bribe states to pass ‘red-flag’ laws, Biden’s DOJ granted anti-gun bureaucrats in several pro-gun states funding to enact gun confiscation programs anyway. And, every state with ‘red flag’ gun confiscation laws on the books received funds – despite none of them meeting the apparently worthless due-process requirements mandated by the federal legislation.”


Since the passage of the Bipartisan Safety Communities Act, Biden has been pushing for Congress to take more action.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attempted to get unanimous consent to bring the “assault weapons ban” to the Senate floor last December, but Republican Wyoming Senator John Barrasso objected. Schumer criticized Republicans on X and said,

“Here’s the moment that Senate Republicans blocked the assault weapons ban when I put it on the Senate floor.

The American people are sick and tired of enduring one mass shooting after another.

Senate Democrats will not stop working to pass this bill.”


Barrasso told the Senate that Democrats were trying to label semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons” and said they aren’t. Here are some of his comments, not necessarily in order as they were said on the floor:

“Democrats are demanding that the American people trade in their liberty. The Democrats’ legislation takes away a right, and does not provide Americans security.”

“Democrats want Washington to ban rifles and pistols because of the way they look. To do this, they describe semi-automatic rifles as “assault rifles. They aren’t.”

“Any farmer, rancher, or outdoorsman in Wyoming can tell you. These rifles work the same way as popular shotguns and other rifles used for hunting and personal protection.”


Do you support Biden’s call for more gun control? Or do you oppose any more current gun control measures being passed?

One reply on “Biden Calls for National Red Flag Law, Ban on ‘Assault Weapons,’ and Universal Background Checks”

I am against gun “control” and for gun responsibility.
Our elected “leaders” are totally out of touch. Most, personally, have never touch a gun and, in interviews, have shown their complete ignorance not being able to define an “assault” weapon or what constitutes “high-capacity”. They pass laws that faceless bureaucrats in untold federal agencies interpret wildly to go after targeted groups that may oppose the regimes priorities.
Our government has not created meaningful legislation in years as they engage in their tyranny of the minority and exaltation of the criminal.

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